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Measuring and improving the impact of

international development

Jonathan Levine works with donors, Corporate Social Responsibility programs and other funders, as well as non-profit implementing organizations, government agencies and corporate development units. Our goal is to assess the real outcomes of their social investments, with the aim to drive greater impact from interventions in poverty reduction, health, education and other sectors for the well-being of people and communities in need. To do this, we:

Generate learning:  We assess what’s working (or not) and why, conduct landscape analyses and feasibility studies, and apply the findings to help expand impact and make it more efficient.         


Guide strategy: We assess the critical path to achieving impact with an objective eye. Are objectives framed appropriately? Is the logic of how positive change will happen well thought out and implemented?                

Document operations: We codify intervention practices and document results, identifying critical drivers to inform future planning and influence partners, policy-makers and funders.  


     Support program management: We conduct field assessments, monitor performance metrics, advise

       on program and evaluation design, and help identify and screen prospective partners.

Starbucks documents the impact of CSR incentive programs on its global supply chain of coffee growers, using the analysis to increase effectiveness and report to stakeholders.             Read more >
Recent Projects

Wild4Life: Rural health services in Zimbabwe

UBSOF: Girls' education & protection in Malawi

ELMA: Water/sanitation/hygiene in Africa

Elton John: Pediatric HIV & PMTCT

HEAT: Community health worker training

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“Sharing Power”: How dissimilar organizations find common strategic ground in delicate public-private partnerships. Stanford Social Innovation Review.
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