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What can responsible companies do to fight corruption?   September, 2006
How do you assess the social impact of international initiatives?   June, 2006
What are the best practices in international supplier codes of conduct?   May, 2006

Best Practices

Sharing Power in Public-Private Partnerships Stanford Social Innovation Review, Fall 2005
Diversity: The Business Case The Voice, March 2003
Corporate Content Management Fast Company, May 1998
ISO 9000 Business Week, Oct. 19, 1992
European Quality Management Business Week, March 11, 1991
Cross-Border Information Networks Business Week, Dec. 3, 1990

International Management

Confronting Corruption Ethical Corporation, Jan. 2004
Global Managers New York Times, Sept. 15, 2002
Philips' Big Gamble Business Week, Aug. 5, 1991
GE Buys Into Hungary Business Week, July 30, 1990

Industry Analysis

Consumer New Media Markets Technology & Media, July 1994
European Telecommunications Business Week, Dec. 20, 1993
European Semiconductors Business Week, Dec. 14, 1992
EU Biotech Regulations Business Week, June 18, 1990

Public Policy & Economic Development

EU R&D Industrial Policy Business Week, March 22, 1993
How Europe Affords Big Science Business Week, March 22, 1993
Reviving Emerging Economies Business Week, April 12, 1993
Global Lessons on Public Education Business Week, Sept. 14, 1992
Drying coffee in East Timor

HIV-AIDS education in Kenya

Home construction in Ethiopia
Top: Drying coffee in East Timor
Middle: HIV-AIDS education in Kenya
Bottom: Home construction in Ethiopia

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