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Clients / Selected Engagements

Past Clients

Business Week Magazine

The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation

Clinton Foundation Health Access Initiative

Center for Corporate Citizenship
@ Boston College

Comic Relief (UK)

ELMA Philanthropies

Elton John AIDS Foundation (UK)

Ethics Resource Center

Fast Company Magazine

Fidelity Investments Foundation

Ford Foundation

FSG Social Impact

Global AIDS Alliance

Hitachi Foundation

Merck Foundation

The New York Times

The Open University (UK)

Pfizer Inc.

Starbucks Coffee Company

UBS Optimus Foundation



International Development


Program management planning & ongoing implementation

Wild4Life specializes in bringing health care services to remote rural populations in 12 African countries, through a novel model that teams up local conservation/agriculture organizations with in-country but distant service providers. Jonathan is responsible for managing partnerships, program planning, budgeting, and implementation of the expansion of Wild4Life’s flagship site in Hwange District in remote western Zimbabwe. This population of 22,000 never had access to HIV services before Wild4Life’s arrival. In the first 18 months of operation, the project facilitated HIV testing of more than 4,000 people, of which 1,500+ have since begun life-saving treatment. Further expansion is ongoing.


UBS Optimus Foundation

Mid-term evaluation, girls' education

Two years into a girls’ education and protection program in Malawi, managed by CAMFED International, Jonathan conducted a mid-term evaluation to assess evidence of the project’s effectiveness. He uncovered and reported both quantitative measurements of girls’ retention in school and qualitative indicators of their relative safety in the school setting, through extensive interviews with a wide range of stakeholders at national, district and local levels. The evaluation resulted in Optimus’ recommitment to program funding.  


The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation
Interventions in  child/maternal health and survival
On the staff of CIFF (2008-2010), a London-based charitable foundation, Jonathan oversaw a $27 million portfolio of grants to the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Global AIDS Alliance. Programs ranged from pediatric HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention throughout sub-Sahara Africa and India, to rural health care delivery capacity in Ethiopia, and a maternal/child health advocacy campaign across six African countries. As Global Portfolio manager, Jonathan developed and monitored key performance metrics, provided strategic support to improve performance, and conducted field assessments to evaluate strategy, implementation and impact. In an earlier consulting capacity, Jonathan assessed the activities and outcomes of the Clinton Foundation  in India and Africa, leading CIFF trustees to make a multi-year commitment and substantial increase in funding.

Starbucks Coffee Company
Assessing impact of global supply-chain programs
Through on-site assessment and documentation, Jonathan captured the impact of Starbucks’ supply-chain incentive programs on 11 coffee-farming communities and supply chains in nine countries. Findings, including an internal assessment of future CSR risks to the company, were used to identify modifications to improve effectiveness, and to report to management, employees and other stakeholders.

read more >

Health and Education Training (HEAT) in Africa

Monitoring & Evaluation strategy and fundraising support

HEAT, a partnership of the Open University (OU) of the UK, the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF), UNICEF and the WHO, provides a world-class distance learning-based curriculum and training for Community Health Workers in Ethiopia’s highly regarded rural health program. Jonathan designed the program’s M&E strategy, and continues to support the OU and AMREF in rolling out the program to additional African countries with the goal of raising the capacity of frontline health workers--particularly to impact maternal and child mortality.

Pfizer Inc.
Maximizing performance of global volunteer program

Assessing Pfizer’s Global Health Fellows program, Jonathan analyzed the initial outcomes for both the company and NGO partners in Africa and Asia, and identified implementation lessons and strategic challenges to improving future performance. read more >

Merck Foundation
Global anti-corruption initiative

Evaluation of a landmark program to promote ethical standards in government and business in the Persian Gulf, South Africa, Colombia and Turkey, provided evidence for Merck’s business case supporting the company's commercial strategy, and led to a redefinition of the foundation’s investment strategy.         read more >

Fidelity Foundation
Social investment strategy, India and Japan

Through landscape analyses of local needs, benchmarking of competitors’ investments, and due diligence on prospective partners, Jonathan developed contribution strategies for Fidelity Investments' entry into child health and education programs in India, and capacity building in the emerging NPO sector in Japan.  read more >

Management and Strategy Support

Elton John AIDS Foundation

Measuring outcomes across an investment portfolio

Over several years, EJAF invested in a series of programs in Pediatrics HIV and Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) program in Africa and Asia, with the ultimate goal of moving toward HIV-free survival and universal treatment coverage of infected children. For strategic review by its board, Jonathan assessed the portfolio of programs to distill the progress and outcomes they had achieved compared to expectations, and to document evidence of their sustainability. The review provided new learning for EJAF’s future grant-making, especially on structuring larger grants.

Comic Relief/America Gives Back

Documentation and analysis of results

When viewers of the American Idol TV show donated $76 million to children’s health and education charities in 2007, the proceeds were invested in both U.S. and African NGOs through a novel grant-making process overseen by the major UK charity Comic Relief. When the grants concluded, Comic Relief executives engaged Jonathan to analyze the results of the process and document its lessons, in part by facilitating a workshop for their grant-making team.  The results provided a clear set of guidance for future grant-making programs.

ELMA Philanthropies

Landscape analysis/feasibility study

This private foundation sought a strategy for investing in the Water Access, Sanitation and Hygiene field in Africa, in a way that could leverage its limited funds with sustainable results. Jonathan delivered a landscape analysis and a framework of investment drivers to help ELMA define potential strategies, and a range of options for meeting its impact objectives. 

Pfizer Inc.
Improving disaster relief, Asia

Pfizer responded to the 2004 Asian tsunami on a comprehensive and unprecedented scale, including cash and product donations, deployment of volunteer managers to disaster sites, and a search-and-rescue operation. The company, on behalf of its Asian business unit and international philanthropy group, engaged Jonathan to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the response, and to provide recommendations to guide future relief efforts.

Global Consumer Products Company

Crisis management assessment, Africa

Jonathan researched the events leading up to the company's damaging dispute with an African government  over marketing issues, and an international campaign against the company by a global advocacy organization. He then led senior management through a post-mortem workshop of the episode to better understand the outcomes, and how to improve future responses. It led the company to a new Africa engagement strategy and internal changes to how it manages international issues.

Hitachi Foundation and Ford Foundation
Project Mapmaker

Jonathan developed a syndicated op-ed commentary on the linkages between financial value and social values, synthesized from the Project's 2004 efforts to advance CSR practices and principles.




Farm family in East Timor

Training Ugandan nurses

Village water tap in Ethiopia
Top: Farm family in East Timor
Middle: Training Ugandan nurses
Bottom: Village water tap in Ethiopia

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